• fluvius is “responsible for building, managing and maintaining the distribution grids for electricity and natural gas in Flanders” (*)
  • Develop custom .net core applications in Azure (Service Fabric, API Management, App Service, …) for registering the placement of electricity and gas meters
  • Consult the company on creating software that is better testable, maintainable and reusable.


  • The mission of asos is “is to become the world’s number-one online shopping destination for fashion-loving 20-somethings.” (*)
  • asos established a 1,876.5m GBP retail sales in 2017, an increase of 34% on 2016
  • Consult the company on how to keep track of the digital assets produced by the photo shoots of 5.000 products per week
  • Develop a performant solution that helps the photographers and digital retouchers track the progress of the products they need to finish by the end of the week.


  • “Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands.” (*)
  • Consult the company on how to migrate their commercial images to a new version of Aprimo DAM
  • Consult the company on a performant global delivery system for their digital assets
  • Build a migration framework to vast amount of digital assets from their old environment to the new environment


  • “Industrial group with a diverse portfolio and global presence” (*)
  • Consult business users on how to model their data in Aprimo PIM
  • Configuring and customizing Aprimo PIM to fit the customer’s needs
  • Build integration framework for pushing assets and product data to Sitecore (WCMS – Web Content Managment System)
  • Build integration framework for importing data from SAP
  • Build Excel based framework for bulk updating Aprimo data


  • A Flemish company providing software for dispatching emergency teams.
  • Provide the company of a clear view on their current technology status
  • Provide a plan to rapidly move the company’s technology forward


  • “Global leader in smart irrigation sollutions” (*)
  • Helped customer define the needs for a new PIM (Product Information Management)


  • “World’s largest travel luggage company” (*)
  • Helping the customer document the current state of their DAM (Digital Asset Management) and PIM (Product Information Managment) implementation.


  • “A leading global supplier of interior furnishing fabrics and wall coverings” (*)
  • Consulting on how to model the company’s digital assets in Aprimo DAM
  • Build integration framework for pushing assets to Sitecore (WCMS: web content management system)
  • Build a proof of concept for a web-to-print solution


  • Studio100 is a “Global family entertainment company” (*)
  • Migration of all their digital assets (since 1996) from their former DAM (Digital Asset Management) to Aprimo DAM


  • Barco is a global leader in visualization technologies
  • Create custom application for keeping track of projects
  • Create custom application for keeping track of project issues
  • Help select a tool for doing department project planning
  • Roll out a new department wide project planning tool, providing training and consultancy


  • “Infohos Services is a key ICT-player in the world of hospitals.” (*)
  • Develop HIS (Hospital Information System) for Flemish hospitals
  • Migrate legacy code to automated test covered code


  • A global pharmaceutical company
  • Scan an existing application that integrates with general practitioner’s software to prevent high cholesterol levels of patients
  • Advise on the way forward for the existing application

Vlaamse Diabetes Vereniging

  • A non profit organisation to prevent diabetes
  • Create a custom application to monitor pregnant women with diabetes